She adores lovely something and you can offers some of their particular daughter’s perverted inclinations if not to another location studies

She adores lovely something and you can offers some of their particular daughter’s perverted inclinations if not to another location studies

Rentarou’s 6th girlfriend and you may Hakari’s mommy. She gave delivery in order to Hakari whenever she is 13, because of which have dropped in love with a great terminally ill fellow student. Realizing that the guy didn’t have long to live on, she had by herself artificially inseminated together with cum so that they might be a family group before the guy passed away. Initial, she disapproved of Hakari’s relationship with Rentarou, believing that he was one or two-timing her child with four other girls, but changed their own brain when she fell in love with Rentarou herself, heading as much as buying the college and you can to get the brand new chairwoman so you can remain alongside him. She will even be overbearingly caring to help you Rentarou with his girlfriends, constantly trying to function as the mother contour in it all of the. Her provided name’s a pun to the Japanese term having mommy, haha (?).

Haraga Kurumi [ ]

Rentarou’s seventh girlfriend. Kurumi is a middle-schooler which have a really high metabolic process, that triggers their own to track down hungry effortlessly – also hearing a term you to songs exactly like a certain sorts of regarding eating can cause their unique to help you crave one to dinner. This means that, she usually wears headphones and has their particular hood right up manageable to cancel out as much food-related speak that one may. She’s a few personalities, dependent on regardless of if she is hungry. When this lady has drank, the woman is a highly kind and sweet-natured individual, but when she’s eager, she actually is short-tempered and you may abrupt – regrettably, on account of getting near constantly eager, she’s near usually brief-tempered. Their particular provided label setting «walnut», a fact with caused their own eating fixation to cause very many times off reading her very own name one to walnuts are now one restaurants she doesn’t such as for instance.

Meido Mei [ ]

Rentarou’s eighth girlfriend. Mei ‘s the Hanazono members of the hyppää sivustolle family maid being receive by the Hahari once she are abused and you may abandoned by the their unique physical moms and dads. She is most loyal in order to Hahari and certainly will create any request from Hahari undoubtedly, it doesn’t matter how ridiculous. In reality, she becomes suicidal when the she fails to match the task, have a tendency to leading to Hahari having to rescind the transaction to stop their. Her very hitting real feature are their rainbow-colored irises and that are not thought to be she more often than not possess their particular vision finalized, (usually requiring a world incredible disclosure) even if this does not end her away from riding or piloting an excellent helicopter. Their family members name’s a great pun to your phrase «Maid».

Sutou Iku [ ]

Rentarou’s ninth girlfriend. Iku ‘s the history left member of the college baseball group since the almost every other participants erica. She is masochistic, having fun with overworking by herself so you can tiredness and you can if you don’t being moderately hurt. Actually getting «heartbroken» from the Rentarou factors their unique great pleasure, regardless if she will get a legitimate girlfriend getting Rentarou. An advantage story regarding the fifth regularity demonstrates that their masochism began whenever she set up a love of baseball on an earlier years. 1st she found training too hard and painful, however, after an encouraging pep cam off their own earlier sis, she chose to keep at it. Yet not, since the she is advised one to she had to continue trying to even when they hurt, she concerned think aches the great thing. Their label on the Japanese naming order function «stoic».

Utsukushisugi Mimimi [ ]

Rentarou’s tenth girlfriend. Mimimi is an effective girl who’s enthusiastic about beauty, it is conscious that charm do not simply be bought, and considers inner beauty just as crucial just like the outside charm. As a result, she places many works toward and make herself beautiful, making her very own money, cutting can cost you wherever she will, undertaking facial regimens, and you can exercises by herself elocution. She very first considers Nano their unique competitor in beauty, apparently because of Nano with beaten their within junior higher university charm contest. It is after showed that their particular hatred actually comes from Nano that have snubbed their unique after the event, and you will she decides to assist bygones end up being bygones when Nano apologises in order to their own, even if she claims into the maintaining a friendly rivalry. Their unique name has got the kanji getting charm (?) 3 times together with her considering label practically meaning «most stunning».

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